Northeastern University Study on Media Use Among Children on the Autism Spectrum (Ages 9-13)

Researchers at Northeastern University are conducting a study on how children ages 9-13 on the autism spectrum use media and technology with their friends and family. We are looking to recruit parents/guardians (over the age of 18) in Eastern Massachusetts (greater Boston area) who have a child ages 9 to 13 with a diagnosis of autism, autism spectrum disorder, Asperger’s syndrome, or pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS). In Part 1 of the study, a researcher will interview parents at home for about 90 minutes about their child’s media and technology use. In Part 2, the researcher will interview the child and observe them at home doing a media or technology activity that they enjoy. The visit will last for about 30-90 minutes. The interview format can be adapted for children who are non-speaking, non-verbal, and/or who use AAC. Parents may also provide communication support to their child if necessary. Participating families will receive a $30 CVS gift card after completing Part 1 and 2. The study has been approved by the Northeastern University Institutional Review Board #16-08-35. Parents/guardians can contact Dr. Meryl Alper by phone at (818) 856-0165 or email at if they are interested in participating in the study.

recruitment flyer

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